Winter Storm Safety Tips

When the winter storm is about to strike, you’re better securing your home. Sure, you might have purchased a homeowners insurance policy but how well you execute your survival plan could save you money, injuries, and death. Irrespective of the severity of the winter storm, make it your priority to stay safe. This tip will come in handy.

Your Home

In the event of a power blackout, use an alternative form of heat with caution. Kerosene and fireplaces and be dangerous especially is there is no adequate ventilation. Keep the kids away from any source of heat.

Stay in one room and close any that is not in use. Ensure that there are no air leaks in your home too. You may keep the sunlight streaming through the windows during the day but be sure to close them at night. On top of that, visit Ecoheat Plumbing learn how Ecoheat, one of the best plumbing and heating companies in Balham South West London can help safeguard your home before and during a winter storm.

Your Family Members

Ensure that everyone is hydrated and nourished if power is out for an extended period. You must protect your pets from the cold as well. More specifically, when temperatures fall below freezing point, you should move outdoor pets indoors or shelter them in a protected area.

The Outdoors

Look for a safe form of shelter immediately. The fast blowing, chilly winds can reduce your body temperature to dangerous levels. Besides, the more you stay out the cold weather, the susceptible you become to conditions such as hypothermia and frostbite. Whenever possible, light a small fire for warmth and let your clothes dry out. If the winter storm is severe, consider digging a snow cave; it can save your life.

During Winter Storm Do Not:

    • Oversleep- take turns to sleep to avoid being caught off guard if the storm worsens
    • Waste battery power – Balance your energy needs
    • Drive unless it is necessary
    • Overexert when shoveling snow. Overexertion can lead to heart attack, one of the significant causes of death during winter. Be sure to stretch before going outside if you must shovel snow.

In conclusion, your safety during a winter storm is critical. To help you get prepared in advance watch weather channels to know the intensity of the storm and how long it is likely to last. Of course, if the climate doesn’t improve, consider evacuating your family to a safer place.