Why You Need to Incorporate CIJ Printing in Your Business Today

Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) printers have been around for a while now, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down in the use of the printers in modern printing. CIJ printers are still being used on a large scale in many industries.

CIJ technology works by expelling ink droplets that have been electrically charged from a nozzle, passing the droplets through an electric field.

There are many benefits that you stand to gain as a business when you use this technology for your printing needs. Many of your competitors are using the technology on a daily basis because they understand what they benefit from it. You too should enjoy some of the benefits which we discuss below.


Continuous inkjet printers can be used to mark or add code on almost any surface, and it does this at any speed or orientation. The results are usually legible and high quality, regardless of the various factors including the size of the material, porosity, shape and the texture.

The versatility is also seen in the speed of printing as well. The high speed at which the ink droplets are emitted permits a great distance between the print head and the surface. The high frequency allows for high printing speeds without affecting the quality of work. This means that you can easily double the speed of processing when you have this printer.

Great Tolerance

CIJ printers are also known for the great printing tolerance, for instance, you can use the printer on wobbling bottles and still get the results that you are looking for! This is due to the high number of droplets that are expelled each second, without coming into contact with the surface of the material.

The versatility makes it possible to use the ink on various products including those meant for food packaging, beverage and other items that need packaging.

Ideal for Startups as Well

If you are a business just starting out, you can make use of this printing technology without breaking the bank. The capital costs for buying a CIJ printer is relatively low, and once you buy the printer, you are assured of thousands of hours without the need to service the printer. This is reliable and cost-effective, even when used in high-pressure production environments.

The ink that you use in the printer is widely available in a wide spectrum of colors. The inks offer low evaporation and don’t smudge, keeping the job clean at all times. The ink uses a solvent base that dries up quickly, which means it is ideal for products that come from fast-moving production lines.

How Do You Enjoy These Benefits?

Yes, the printers offer you a wide variety of benefits that make your business grow, but there are a few things you need to consider before you can enjoy these benefits. The major consideration is the type of CIJ printer that you need to have. Not all printers are the same; each comes with different features that make them ideal for specific situations.

Take time to understand the needs of the business you are running and determine the kind of CIJ printer that you need. If you don’t know what you want, the experts at Needham Coding can help you determine which kind of printer is suitable for your needs.

In Closing

Continuous inkjet printers come with various benefits that are ideal for small businesses as well as established ones. You need to take time and find out whether this technology is for you and then choose the right printer to match your printing needs. When handled the right way, you can enjoy more output from the printer than ever before.