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 Libertarian Says GOP Platform Borders on 'Racist'

Crackpot Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson denounced the Republican Party's platform on immigration policy, saying "it borders on racist."

As a libertarian, Johnson believes as many Mexicans or Guatemalans or Cubans or Iranians or Iraqis or Nigerians who want to come to the U.S. should be allowed to do so unhindered.

In an interview with the leftist Salon.com, Johnson was asked about his views of the GOP platform on immigration.

"It's anti immigration. It borders on racist," Johnson said.

On immigration the Republican Party platform says:

"Immigration policy is a national security issue, for which we have one test: Does it serve the national interest? By that standard, Republicans know America can have a strong immigration system without sacrifcing the rule of law.

"Border security is essential to national security. In an age of terrorism, drug cartels, and criminal gangs, allowing millions of unidentified persons to enter and remain in this country poses grave risks to the sovereignty of the United States and the security of its people. We simply must be able to track who is entering and leaving our country. ...

"We oppose amnesty. The rule of law suffers if government policies encourage or reward illegal activity. The American people's rejection of en masse legalizations is especially appropriate given the federal government's past failures to enforce the law."

Johnson the libertarian thinks that "borders on racist."