How Sleeping Outside Can Improve Your Life

Apart from exercise and nutrition, sleep is also an important part of overall health. However, good sleep isn’t just a matter of sleeping a minimum number of hours each night; it is also about the quality of sleep you enjoy each night.

The quality of sleep is influenced by various things including anxiety, stress levels, artificial light and the air quality. Research has shown that a surprising method for doing away with sleepless nights is to move from the indoors and sleep in the outdoors, in a tent or a hammock.

So, if you are considering a way to enjoy your holiday and feel rested at the same time, look at the following reasons why sleeping outdoors is good for your mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Exposure to Natural Light

Studies show that if you increase exposure to sunlight, you get to reset the body clock so that it is more in line with the natural circadian rhythms. So, when you sleep outdoors and wake up to the bright sunlight, you wake up more naturally, which means you don’t get grumpy early in the mornings.

Boost Your Melatonin Levels

Many people find that they have to stay up till late reading book after book and to watch TV before they sleep. They find that sleep comes as late as 3 am, yet they are supposed to be in the office at 9 am.

The issue might be your fluorescent light, which you use right before you go to sleep. It has been found out that this light has a negative effect on the quality of sleep because it suppresses production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates wakefulness and sleep.

Sleeping outside eliminates the need to use the light before you sleep. This means that this hormone works the way it should, and you enjoy a good night’s sleep, waking up when you are energized to handle the day.

Better Functioning of the Brain and Body

Yoru brain takes in oxygen that it uses to work. It, therefore, goes without saying that the better the quality of oxygen that you breathe in, the better your brain works. Therefore, spending a night in the fresh air improves your thinking ability.

Your muscles in various parts of the body also need oxygen to work. The better the quality of oxygen, the better the muscles work. With more oxygen, your muscles break down lactic acid that builds up in the body. This means that if you decide to go for an early morning run after sleeping at night, the high quality of air helps you recover much faster than you normally could.

Low-Quality Air is Detrimental to the Body

If you have air conditioning in your home, there is a very good chance that the air you take in is low quality. Even if you don’t have an AC unit, lack of proper ventilation in the house means that there is the possibility of high amounts of carbon dioxide in the house.

Research shows that high levels of carbon dioxide can slow down your metabolism and make you lethargic. You need to counter this feeling by sleeping out once in a while.

The Ideal Setup for Sleeping Outside

When it comes to sleeping outdoors, you need a secure location and swap your bed for a hammock. These hammocks come in different sizes and styles, some accommodating one person while others being able to accommodate more than one so take some time to choose the perfect one for your needs.

The Bottom-line

Sleeping outside comes with various advantages. The main benefit is that you enjoy quality sleep and you improve your health.