Four DIY Projects And Their Tools

Four DIY Projects And Their Tools

There comes a time in life when the kids would rather spend more time out than at home; work is slowing down a little and chipping away at the mortgage has made a dent. You’re wondering what to do with the new found lifestyle you’ve come across – the kids don’t need you as much, the guys only play gold every second weekend, and the wife’s work has picked up, leaving you time on your hands.

Time to get stuck into those DIY projects you’ve been putting off for the last two decades. There’s always something around the house that you can do – plus, it’ll be ten times cheaper tackling it yourself than getting someone in. Here are four DIY projects to get stuck into and give a go yourself – worst case scenario you patch it up and call the experts to reverse what you’ve done.

Building A Letterbox

How much do you love the letterbox you already have? Not very much? It’s easy to just settle for what you get, especially if you didn’t build your own house, and before you know it twenty years go by and you’re still stuck with that letterbox, you said you would always fix the hinge on. Why not give building a new one a go? They can be surprisingly easy and can satisfy your inner metal-worker – because you’ll need a heavy-duty tool to weld this one. A plasma cutter is an ideal machine to use for a job like this – pay a visit to Cuts Like Butter first, and I ensure you it makes the job a whole lot easier than trying to fashion it any other way. Building a shiny new metal letterbox is the perfect answer to saving a bit of cash and replacing that old, tired one that’s seen better days.

Modern House Numbers

Speaking of mailboxes, how hard has it been for the mailman to figure out exactly which number your house was anyway? House numbers can be confusing to figure out at the best of times, and if you’re someone who has built a new letterbox because its number display was barely readable, then you probably don’t have anywhere where the numbers are displayed clearly.

Getting into the tool shed and making a wooden plaque for your house numbers is another great DIY project to get stuck into – its practical and it requires woodwork, which can be deeply satisfying. Pick where you want to display your new house numbers – whether it’s on the frame by the front door or further down the fence by the driveway – and then you can choose how big the plaque needs to be. With these and a new letterbox, there’s no way the mailman can miss your house now.

Wood Mat

Sticking with the wooden theme, the third DIY project you can get stuck into is a wooden mat for your front door. This is probably another tired part of your house exterior too – having been used hundreds of times over the years, it’s probably a bit worse for the wear and starting to see the ground underneath. This is also the perfect project to take on once you’ve completed the plaque house numbers – you can even pick out the same wood and make a mat that matches them, adding to the aesthetics. The beauty of this project is that you can make it as practical or ornate as you would like – there are cheap wood and costly wood out there that you can make it from, it just depends on what kind of doormat you want to end up with. The options are endless.

Flower Pot Grill

The fourth and final DIY project to get stuck into is the flowerpot grill. This project is practical and economical, perfect if you’re looking for a way to save a bit on a grill. Grills can be bulky, expensive and often faulty, so looking for alternatives is usually the way to go. Getting a grate and fashioning an old flowerpot into a functioning grill will bring out the crafty side of you while keeping with the practical theme – and I’m sure the wife will be happy when she sees how much you’ve saved.

In conclusion

If you’re near retiring, thinking about it or just retired, it’s a good time of life to think about the home, and what projects there are sitting around that you could work on – there are guaranteed to be some. It’s easy to put off those too-hard-basket jobs that can be saved for a rainy day. Now is the perfect time for that rainy day and you’ll get some satisfaction out of doing these DIY projects. Plus if they fail miserably and you discover you’re not cut out for it, you can always get someone in.