Family, Friends, Fashion and Winter Weather

I’ve never really liked winter. The holidays are lovely and spending time with family is great. The issue is the cold. I’m from the north and my regional climate calls for heaps of snow once fall is over.

I’ll admit, as a child snow was amazing. A blizzard was something to look forward to. It was a chance to start a snowball fight, an excuse to make a mess and jump into piles of puffy water, it was fun.

As an adult, I have a bit of a different perspective. I have to walk through it to work, shovel those piles of snow and make sure not to make a mess on the way back into my house. Winter and its holidays enable me to spend time with my family, but it’s a hindrance otherwise.

Besides time off from work and being with my family I have one more thing I love about winter – I can layer up and look good. When it’s cold the shorts and t-shirts take a back seat for heavier, for snug clothing. It’s an opportunity to express yourself through more than graphic shirts and bright colours. In that regard, winter is an interesting season for fashion.


Warm feet are important


I love a nice pair of sandals just as much as the next guy, but frostbite isn’t welcomed to my life. Once the temperature drops, my toes hide away in a nice pair of wool socks and a comfortable pair of boots.


You can’t go wrong with a pair of leather boots. They can be used for formal or informal occasions, walking your dog or shovelling snow. A couple of my buddies are more big fans of Uggs. They say they’re warm and ridiculously comfortable.


Pants are just too easy
The most lovely thing about pants is that they’re just pants. Unless you’re a true fashionista or have something specific to your culture that you have to wear, it’s all the same generally. There are different colours and washes for denim, but generally, jeans are jeans and there aren’t many other types of pants you want in the cold.
For those that are more for comfort than just warmth, sweatpants may be your go-to. Joggers are a recent trend and they’re probably a good middle ground. If it’s super cold where you can always wear a layer under your pants or wear flannel pants.
Layers on layers on layers
Talking about shirts in almost moot because any t-shirt you put on will likely be covered. Dressing in layers is vital to keeping your core temperature in check so if you want to wear a cool t-shirt, have at it, but no one will notice unless you’re inside.
The second layer is what matters stylistically (and otherwise). If you’re very warm blooded it can be something light like a down vest. If you freeze easily like me a sweater will do the trick. Dark colours are where it’s at, knits work great for holidays and you can never go wrong with wool.
The final touches to your look
Accessories wrap everything together. This part is entirely up to you. If you love hats, go wild. Caps, beanies, and anything from a variety of cultures is an option. Scarves and neck warmers can be worn if you chose not to wear a hoodie that day.
Gloves are important if you keep your hands anywhere but your pockets outside. There are too many options to even begin to list. Just pick something comfortable.
Be warm, be happy and have fun
Winter is, like everything else, what you make it. Having nice look clothes is good, but what really matter is being around people you love. I think the world would be a better place is families always hung out like they do for the holidays.
Hopefully, one day we as people are able to make that happen. So, when winter rolls around, bundle up, find those you love and spend time with them because they are what really matters.