Winter Storm Safety Tips

When the winter storm is about to strike, you’re better securing your home. Sure, you might have purchased a homeowners insurance policy but how well you execute your survival plan could save you money, injuries, and death. Irrespective of the severity of the winter storm, make it your priority to stay safe. This tip will come in handy.

Your Home

In the event of a power blackout, use an alternative form of heat with caution. Kerosene and fireplaces and be dangerous especially is there is no adequate ventilation. Keep the kids away from any source of heat.

Stay in one room and close any that is not in use. Ensure that there are no air leaks in your home too. You may keep the sunlight streaming through the windows during the day but be sure to close them at night. On top of that, visit Ecoheat Plumbing learn how Ecoheat, one of the best plumbing and heating companies in Balham South West London can help safeguard your home before and during a winter storm.

Your Family Members

Ensure that everyone is hydrated and nourished if power is out for an extended period. You must protect your pets from the cold as well. More specifically, when temperatures fall below freezing point, you should move outdoor pets indoors or shelter them in a protected area.

The Outdoors

Look for a safe form of shelter immediately. The fast blowing, chilly winds can reduce your body temperature to dangerous levels. Besides, the more you stay out the cold weather, the susceptible you become to conditions such as hypothermia and frostbite. Whenever possible, light a small fire for warmth and let your clothes dry out. If the winter storm is severe, consider digging a snow cave; it can save your life.

During Winter Storm Do Not:

    • Oversleep- take turns to sleep to avoid being caught off guard if the storm worsens
    • Waste battery power – Balance your energy needs
    • Drive unless it is necessary
    • Overexert when shoveling snow. Overexertion can lead to heart attack, one of the significant causes of death during winter. Be sure to stretch before going outside if you must shovel snow.

In conclusion, your safety during a winter storm is critical. To help you get prepared in advance watch weather channels to know the intensity of the storm and how long it is likely to last. Of course, if the climate doesn’t improve, consider evacuating your family to a safer place.

2 Genius Places Where You Can Store Your Belongings Safely & Securely

Do you want to safely and securely set aside many items that are just lying around your home? Will you be doing some remodeling work and you need a temporary storage solution? Or are you downsizing?

Having an overload of once-essential items inside your house is not rare. Especially if you’ve lived in the same residence for decades, you may find yourself with useful but unnecessary items.

Then again, this doesn’t mean that you should leave them as is. Rather than merely leaving them scattered, storing them safely is the better idea.

Here are some ways to help you out.

1: Use Your Attic

This is a genius way of safe and secure storage because this implies that all you need to do is clean and rearrange your stuff. It won’t cost you anything — except effort, of course. If you have a lot of space in your attic, this is a perfect idea!

You may let a cleaning and rearranging spree commence, and accomplish the transfer quickly. You may also start one by transferring one item at a time if you want.

And this doesn’t only mean that an attic is the only usable portion of your house for storage. If you have vacant rooms in the house or at the back, you can store your items there, too.

Don’t forget to write down the items that you’ll be setting aside. Keeping a list of your belongings is equally advantageous to you as an inventory. It saves you time in the long run because rather than search for an item (and go all over the place) in your attic, you only need to look at your list to see if it’s there.

2: Rent Storage Units

You may also do this — just like university students who are enrolled in a school in one state and then go home occasionally to another state. With your own unit, you can rest assured that your belongings will be left safe and secure.

This is genius because your belongings will be kept safe someplace else. Your items won’t be crowding in your house. If you don’t have an attic or an extra room at home, this is a brilliant option. If you’re remodeling a portion of your home or downsizing to a smaller place, this is also a brilliant option.

If you’re worried that storage units won’t be able to accommodate the kind of items you own, you’re mistaken. You can keep clothes, old cabinets, books, freezers, and even motorcycles. Most likely, you’re free to store anything you want. But to be sure, just read some rules and then you’ll be good to go!

Typical storage units grant the privilege of top-notch security to you. This privilege includes:

? 24-hour surveillance
? 24-hour access into the facility
? Barbed wire fencing in the surrounding
? Climate-controlled units
? Available storage insurance

You may get the ball rolling now if you want. You may get more info on storage units at SmartLockStorage.

Final Thoughts

Don’t throw away your belongings especially if you have a hunch that you’ll be needing them in the future. While you may be tempted to ditch them, hold on to them and keep them safe. For all you know, tomorrow’s the day when you need them again.

How to Leverage Instagram for Travel Marketing

Marketing is essential to every business, whether service or product marketing. You use marketing to grow your horizons and explore new opportunities in the travel industry.

The travel and hospitality industry is similar to any other niche and requires marketing in equal measure. New opportunities such as solo adventurers, documentary makers and travel writers have risen over the past few years, which require a new platform to connect with travellers and share information with enthusiasts.

This is where Instagram comes in. Instagram takes digital marketing to a whole new level. Social media marketing isn’t all about looking for new ways to promote your business, but to connect with your customers as well.

As we talk, customers are becoming more and more enlightened and want nothing short of the best customer experience. This makes it even more critical to give people and peek into your travel business.

Why Choose Instagram?

A lot of travel brands are promoting their businesses on Instagram and for the right reasons as well. For instance, many of the businesses are getting customers from this platform. Travel writers are getting traffic to their blogs the easy way through this platform, making money in the process.

Using Instagram allows you to engage with your existing customers while getting the attention of potential consumers.

How Can You Make it Happen on Instagram?

You can use different strategies to make travel marketing work for you on Instagram.

    1. Provide Real-time Updates

Using the latest feature – Instagram Stories, you can have a real-time travel book right on your page. Before you make use of these Stories, make sure you have a strategy in mind. For one, have enough content to last a series. This requires you to identify a topic and work towards it. For instance, you can document your hiking experience on a popular train from start to finish.

    1. Use Different Kinds of Content

When it comes to catching the user’s attention, you need to use both video and images. You can have images depict static experiences, while video depicts a process.

    1. Influence People to Get Off the Couch

Travel companies have taken to Instagram to influence people to traverse the globe as they promote certain destinations. Your role is to make sure that you tell people about the destinations that you promote. Well, who wouldn’t want to travel to the destination after seeing all those images that you post regarding a certain destination?

One of the ways to set yourself apart is by making sure you are an authority in the niche. This is only possible if you have numbers. You need to have a large number of active followers that are ready to engage you and share your experiences. You can get these by using a tool that automates the process of following and unfollowing users. Check the top automation tools at SWS Magazine to use for this process.

The Bottom-line

Instagram is one of the top platforms to market your travel company. Follow these top tips to expand your brand, and get more clients for your services.

Which Machine Is Best for a Home Workout?

We live in a world where money is tight, and time is tight. Going to a gym sounds like a great fitness choice, but you soon realise it eats into both your wallet and your time. You have friends who work out at home and you wonder if you should ditch the gym in favour of a home workout. And if so, what kit should you buy.  There are so many choices but which machine is best for a home workout.

4 Main Fitness Machines.

There are 4 main fitness machines that people consider for their home.

  • Cross Trainer.
  • Rowing Machine.
  • Fitness Bike.

Let’s look at each of them in turn.

  • Only good for walking and running. Need a fair level of health and fitness to use it.
  • Cross Trainer. Often more expensive and difficult to maintain. Some people find them hard to get used to.
  • Rowing Machine. Poor technique can result in injury especially for beginners. This can result in back and knee problems.
  • Fitness Bike. The easiest piece of equipment to use, and they can be used even if you are very unfit.

You can see that the exercise bike is an excellent choice particularly for those who are very unfit or have health problems.

Buying an Exercise Bike.

There are so many different types of exercise bike, do you want upright or recumbent, does it need to fold away? It is very important that you do your research prior to buying your bike. You can find lots of buying information at indoortrainingbikealong with reviews of specific models and comparisons between bikes. You need to ensure the bike suits your needs before you buy it so please do your research.

What Else Do I Need?

Now that you have your bike, all you need is to start exercising. Do you need any more gear or can you just leap on and cycle? Well, although I have heard of people cycling in their nightclothes, you should buy some fitness clothing to wear when you work out. It doesn’t have to be anything top of the range and expensive, you just need some comfortable clothing that is not likely to get caught in any moving parts.You may even want to invest in some cycle shorts as you will benefit from the comfort of the extra padding or gel. Wearing trainer is also a recommendation.

This is partly psychological. You won’t give it your all and do a proper workout if you are sat there in PJs and fluffy slippers after all!You may find it useful to buy a water bottle too. You will find you get thirsty and won’t want to stop just to get a glass of water.

Starting to Exercise.

You are now all set to start exercising. You may not have exercised for many years, you may be overweight or you may have some health issues or aches and pains. Don’t worry, this is why you bought an exercise bike so you don’t overdo it or injure yourself.

You need to start by deciding on your fitness goals. You may just want to do some gentle exercise without worrying about damaging your back or knees. Maybe you just want to start doing regular exercise so you have chosen an activity you think you will enjoy every day. People who start exercising at home often want to lose weight.

A bike is a good choice for all of the above as it is suitable for a novice or someone with joint problems who finds walking difficult or painful. It is also easy to use a bike and you don’t have to worry about the weather as you are indoors.

A bike is quiet too so you could even watch TV or listen to some music. Studies have shown that people don’t expend the same energy when exercising watching the TV. Personally, I believe that any exercise is good exercise so if you enjoy riding your bike watching your favourite TV show then go for it.

Training Too Hard.

You may find that you are so motivated by your new bike that you start doing too much at the beginning. Do not train too hard when you first start exercising. Not only is there a chance that you could injure yourself, but you could also find it so hard that you give up before you have given your new regime a chance. If your new bike has a heart rate monitor, then make sure you use it and don’t overdo it.

It is far better to carry out 10 minutes of gentle cycling per day, rather than nearly kill yourself for 30 minutes then never go near the bike again.

Your Improved Fitness.

The great thing about buying an exercise bike is that you can adjust it as your fitness levels improve. You can increase the time, however, if you don’t want to spend any more time exercising, you can increase the intensity. Try cycling uphill, rather than on the flat, and you will be amazed at the extra workout you get just from a slight increase in incline.

Just remember, the machine that is best for your home workout, is one that you will use. It doesn’t matter if it is the best fitness machine on the market if you don’t get on it. An exercise bike is a good all-round solution that can be used by other members of the family. Not only do they give you a great workout, but they can be stored away. Just don’t store it too far away!

Indicators Of An Engaged and Motivated Workforce

Employees tops on the list of the most important resources that a business owner can acquire. Unless you operate a sole proprietorship, you will always need people to help you meet your vision. It is worth noting that humans are emotional and can reason and make conclusions. It is, therefore, worth treating them with the dignity they deserve. Employees will interact with customers on a daily basis, and they can transfer their frustration to the customers. You can in turn lose a lot of customers. The following are sure indicators of a happy workforce.

    1. Disciplined

When employees are not satisfied with the workplace, they can misbehave or even do mischievous things to get back to you. A high level of discipline indicates that they believe in your vision and they are ready to help you achieve it. Such employees will not have to wait for you to issue directives but they can take the initiative on their own. They will also not feel intimidated when they are corrected as they are always ready to learn from their mistakes.

    1. Works as a team

Lack of cooperation between workmates is one of the major things that make organizations fail to realize their visions and goals. It is advisable to have some form of communication, but it should not be that intense such that workers cannot help each other. Workers who complete tasks as a team already realize their goals and know the importance of combined efforts. The focus of such employees is not only on individual advancements but also of the entire organization. They will never feel overworked when they have to shift from their job description to help a colleague who is in dire need.

    1. Innovative

Robots will never replace humans in some sectors that require reasoning and human input. A robot is just instructed on what to do while a human can reason and come up with solutions. Motivated workers will offer innovative solutions for your firm as they know that as the organization grows, they also grow as well. Such employees can even take challenges on a personal level in a bid to help your organization grow.

    1. Proud of the organization

Can you your current workforce refer friends or family to come work at your organization when there is an opening? This is a question that you should ask yourself quite often because it says a lot about whether employees love the workplace or not. You should also seek to know whether these employees are proud of sticking to the dress code or wearing uniforms. If you have work IDs, do they get rid of them once they leave the premise? Work ID is very important as it makes it easy for customers to identify employees when they need help. You can check some ready-made templates that you can use to prepare IDs for your customers at

Make sure that employees are motivated and happy irrespective of the industry you operate in. Invest in them, and you will never regret.

Instagram Marketing Tips That Experts Would Rather Keep to Themselves

Instagram has taken the world by storm, transforming from a simple image-sharing site to a platform that every marketer wishes to be part of. You might be surprised if you attend a meeting and the sign-up form requests you to submit your Instagram profile. This is how serious people regard online marketing nowadays.

Making it on Instagram is not all about throwing a few images on your feed and then waiting for users to like and comment, it takes more. Let us look at some of the tips that successful marketers are using and keeping them a secret.

Understand Your Audience before You Post Anything

Research shows that the largest percentage of users on Instagram falls between the ages of 25 and 34 years. Then comes the group that falls between 18 and 24 years old. In short, more than 40 percent of active users on Instagram is the youth.

If you know what your target audience needs in terms of content, engagement and more, you can deliver what they need quickly and easily.

So, how can you get your message to this unique group of users?

Once, you need to share perspectives that show a different part of your brand, then the group notices.  This group is known for high-quality imagery that is captivating. Take a cue from this and come up with amazing visual content to match their taste.

Know When to Post (Frequency), How Many Times to Do It (Consistency)

The common question you will encounter is “how many times should I post on Instagram to leave an impact?” A quick look around will reveal that major brands only post once or twice each day and get a huge reaction. Some post as many as ten times each day but get insignificant results.

Studies show that brands that post more often on this platform get more likes and followers than those that post just occasionally. Engagement rates also go up when you post more frequently.

You need to post more frequently if your audience is used to seeing multiple posts from you each day, and if you have the time to produce relevant, high-quality content each day. With this said, it is more important to post more consistently.

If you don’t have enough people handling the account, it is wise to start with a few posts then grow steadily. If you post many images when your audience expects just a few, they get bored and unfollow you.

To gain the consistency you need to attract more followers and retain the ones you have, you need to automate the process. You must have heard of Instagress, a tool that was shut down by Instagram. The tool helped many marketers get to the top of the pile due to its automation prowess. Well, all isn’t lost though; you can still automate the process using several viable alternatives documented on SelectedBest.

Final Words

When it comes to making it big on Instagram, you need to leverage the benefits that your audience provides while making sure that your posts work for you.

What You Need To Run A Successful Transport Business

Getting an extra source of income is just a dream to many people who are not courageous enough to take the bold step. You can even turn your side hustle into a full-time job if you understand what it takes to run and manage a business. Transport is one of the most profitable sectors you can invest in but also tricky for some people. There are many subsectors you can venture in for example tours, public transport, cab services or even delivery services. You have the option of doing it yourself or hire someone to drive the vehicle. The following are simple tips on how to launch and operate a business in the transport sector.

    1. Select a vehicle that suits your needs

You can either decide to use the vehicle (s) that you have or decide to acquire some from a dealer. The choice of the car that you choose will depend on the subsector you want to venture in. Specialized transport of things like perishables will need a special van with equipment that will keep them fresh. You can choose luxury cars if you want to venture into car hire business targeting celebrities and the influential in the society. The model of the car you choose should depend on your budget and functionality.

    1. Obtain operating licenses

Transport rules change from one region to the other, and it is thus wise to familiarize yourself with the fine details. The nature of documentation required will also depend on the type of transport services that you intend to offer. There will also be different insurance covers for those in the public transport sector and those in the delivery business. There are times that you may require more than one operating license while in other times one will just be enough.

    1. Maintain your vehicle

The durability of your car will depend on its features and more importantly on how you use it. Regular maintenance and checkups is a must if you do not want to suffer disappointments when you are doing your daily chores. The good thing about transport business is that you can operate with a second-hand vehicle if you do not have enough money to buy a new one. Some vehicles, such as those at, are fully inspected by the sellers before they are presented for sale. Set a budget towards repair and maintenance of your vehicle and you will never have to worry about emergency spending.

    1. Market your business

Having the latest model or the most comfortable car in your neighborhood does not guarantee you that your business will be successful. You need to know how to pass the news to potential customers and let them know that you exist. You can join established brands if you want to operate in the cab industry. You can also take advantage of social media to market your business. Make your ads catchy and ensure that you engage your customers in real-time.

The success that you realize in this business will depend on the approach you take. Ensure that you establish strong management functions such as marketing and accounting.

Training Older Dogs: What You Need to Know

Older adult pets, especially dogs require a lot of adaptability when it comes to training them. One reason or another might have kept the dog owner from training it, but it is worth trying to make sure it is ready to adapt to new tricks and skills. But there are some things you need to know about older dogs before you decide to break them in.

Go Easy on the Dog

Older dogs might experience problems with their joints. Let us say you are trying to teach the senior dog to jump, but you realize that the dog isn’t doing what you instruct him to do, it might be as a result of the pain and the inability to jump. You might even realize that simple tasks such as lying down and sitting are tough for these old hounds.

When this happens, you need to be patient with the dog. Don’t force it to do what it doesn’t want.

Hearing Might be an Issue

Most of the senior dogs have issues with hearing. You might find yourself shouting hoarse trying to make the dog understand your commands. Therefore, the training techniques ought to take into account this fact. Loss of hearing might be the main reason why the dog seems to be ignoring you.

If you aren’t sure whether the dog has a problem with hearing, you can do a little experiment. Wait till the dog is facing the other way and call out its name. If the dog doesn’t turn, then you are dealing with one that has a hearing problem.

When you realize this, you need to compensate for the loss of hearing with hand signals. Use motions to communicate with the dog, for example, use a flat hand to tell the dog to stay, and a come here motion to call it to you. You can also use hand motions to show gratitude to the dog for doing something right.

Bladder Issues Are Common

Senior dogs have issues with their bladder. This means when you consider potty training for the dog, you ought to make sure you take it out more frequently. Avoid accidents by taking the dog out more often. This will also make it easy for you to potty train your dog.

Short Attention Span

As the dog grows older, it starts getting attention issues. Their attention span starts decreasing gradually. Do you know how people start having child-like tendencies as they grow old? Dogs also suffer from the same problem. They can start behaving like puppies, only that they are big in size. Make sure you take this into account when training the dog.

Use the Right Tools

Whatever the case, you need to use the right tools and accessories when it comes to training these dogs. Go ahead and bookmark this page to understand what accessories you need for training these dogs.

The Bottom-line

Older dogs need training too. Make sure you understand the changes the dogs have gone through so that you make the right decisions when it comes to executing training commands.

Family, Friends, Fashion and Winter Weather

I’ve never really liked winter. The holidays are lovely and spending time with family is great. The issue is the cold. I’m from the north and my regional climate calls for heaps of snow once fall is over.

I’ll admit, as a child snow was amazing. A blizzard was something to look forward to. It was a chance to start a snowball fight, an excuse to make a mess and jump into piles of puffy water, it was fun.

As an adult, I have a bit of a different perspective. I have to walk through it to work, shovel those piles of snow and make sure not to make a mess on the way back into my house. Winter and its holidays enable me to spend time with my family, but it’s a hindrance otherwise.

Besides time off from work and being with my family I have one more thing I love about winter – I can layer up and look good. When it’s cold the shorts and t-shirts take a back seat for heavier, for snug clothing. It’s an opportunity to express yourself through more than graphic shirts and bright colours. In that regard, winter is an interesting season for fashion.


Warm feet are important


I love a nice pair of sandals just as much as the next guy, but frostbite isn’t welcomed to my life. Once the temperature drops, my toes hide away in a nice pair of wool socks and a comfortable pair of boots.


You can’t go wrong with a pair of leather boots. They can be used for formal or informal occasions, walking your dog or shovelling snow. A couple of my buddies are more big fans of Uggs. They say they’re warm and ridiculously comfortable.


Pants are just too easy
The most lovely thing about pants is that they’re just pants. Unless you’re a true fashionista or have something specific to your culture that you have to wear, it’s all the same generally. There are different colours and washes for denim, but generally, jeans are jeans and there aren’t many other types of pants you want in the cold.
For those that are more for comfort than just warmth, sweatpants may be your go-to. Joggers are a recent trend and they’re probably a good middle ground. If it’s super cold where you can always wear a layer under your pants or wear flannel pants.
Layers on layers on layers
Talking about shirts in almost moot because any t-shirt you put on will likely be covered. Dressing in layers is vital to keeping your core temperature in check so if you want to wear a cool t-shirt, have at it, but no one will notice unless you’re inside.
The second layer is what matters stylistically (and otherwise). If you’re very warm blooded it can be something light like a down vest. If you freeze easily like me a sweater will do the trick. Dark colours are where it’s at, knits work great for holidays and you can never go wrong with wool.
The final touches to your look
Accessories wrap everything together. This part is entirely up to you. If you love hats, go wild. Caps, beanies, and anything from a variety of cultures is an option. Scarves and neck warmers can be worn if you chose not to wear a hoodie that day.
Gloves are important if you keep your hands anywhere but your pockets outside. There are too many options to even begin to list. Just pick something comfortable.
Be warm, be happy and have fun
Winter is, like everything else, what you make it. Having nice look clothes is good, but what really matter is being around people you love. I think the world would be a better place is families always hung out like they do for the holidays.
Hopefully, one day we as people are able to make that happen. So, when winter rolls around, bundle up, find those you love and spend time with them because they are what really matters.

6 Must-Have Travel Accessories for Toddlers

Parents tend to be overwhelmed by the number of items to bring on a trip with their kids, causing them to forget a few necessary things. You should begin with these few most crucial accessories, and add more depending on your preferences:

#1: Medication

Anyone can get sick while traveling, and that applies to both adults and children. If you do not want to find a medical store desperately as you search for emergency medicine, you may as well pack some for the trip. You should consider bringing medicine for common ailments such as cold, cough, dysentery, fever, and so on. Besides carrying some meds on you, you should also make sure you have antiseptics, band-aids, and a thermometer. By doing all this, you can save time in cases of emergencies since you have all that is needed.

#2: Wet Wipes and Sanitizers

Since toddlers often make a mess, wet wipes can make short work of cleaning them. You should also consider taking some hand sanitizers with you since it can help a lot for maintaining you and your child’s hygiene. After all, you cannot wash your hands in most places while traveling. Also, it is best that you keep your toddler’s hands clean since they have a habit of putting them in their mouth. Lastly, make sure that you and your child sanitize before and after meals and after utilizing the restroom.

#3: Blankets

A blanket can help children rest and sleep more comfortably, especially when traveling. Whether it is on a car or an airplane, sleeping without a blanket on chilly air-conditioning is uncomfortable. Having one can offer the warmth that children need to get some shut-eye. Also, you may want to refrain from utilizing public blankets since these may be unhygienic.

#4: Toddler Car Seats

When traveling by car, it is essential that your child has a toddler seat for maximum safety. Besides safety, they also offer your toddler extra comfort. Worry not, these are quite simple to use, as long as it fits in your car. For a recommendation, take a quick look at as they have top-quality models.

#5: Portable Pillows

Similar to blankets, children may require the extra comfort provided by a pillow to fall asleep. Thus, it may help you and your child to rest if you bring a few portable pillows on your trip. With them, you and your toddler can avoid waking up uncomfortably and ensure yourselves the optimal rest you can get.

#6: Music Player

A music player could be an iPod, smartphone, or tablet, as long as it can play music. Having something to listen to can be soothing and entertaining for a toddler. Download all the songs that he or she enjoys, to prevent boredom during the trip.


Medication, wet wipes and sanitizers, blankets, car seats, portable pillows, and a music player are your must-bring accessories when you travel with your child. After you pack these up, add whatever accessories you wish to bring since you will unlikely have anything else to worry about forgetting.