6 Must-Have Travel Accessories for Toddlers

Parents tend to be overwhelmed by the number of items to bring on a trip with their kids, causing them to forget a few necessary things. You should begin with these few most crucial accessories, and add more depending on your preferences:

#1: Medication

Anyone can get sick while traveling, and that applies to both adults and children. If you do not want to find a medical store desperately as you search for emergency medicine, you may as well pack some for the trip. You should consider bringing medicine for common ailments such as cold, cough, dysentery, fever, and so on. Besides carrying some meds on you, you should also make sure you have antiseptics, band-aids, and a thermometer. By doing all this, you can save time in cases of emergencies since you have all that is needed.

#2: Wet Wipes and Sanitizers

Since toddlers often make a mess, wet wipes can make short work of cleaning them. You should also consider taking some hand sanitizers with you since it can help a lot for maintaining you and your child’s hygiene. After all, you cannot wash your hands in most places while traveling. Also, it is best that you keep your toddler’s hands clean since they have a habit of putting them in their mouth. Lastly, make sure that you and your child sanitize before and after meals and after utilizing the restroom.

#3: Blankets

A blanket can help children rest and sleep more comfortably, especially when traveling. Whether it is on a car or an airplane, sleeping without a blanket on chilly air-conditioning is uncomfortable. Having one can offer the warmth that children need to get some shut-eye. Also, you may want to refrain from utilizing public blankets since these may be unhygienic.

#4: Toddler Car Seats

When traveling by car, it is essential that your child has a toddler seat for maximum safety. Besides safety, they also offer your toddler extra comfort. Worry not, these are quite simple to use, as long as it fits in your car. For a recommendation, take a quick look at tinysweethearth.com as they have top-quality models.

#5: Portable Pillows

Similar to blankets, children may require the extra comfort provided by a pillow to fall asleep. Thus, it may help you and your child to rest if you bring a few portable pillows on your trip. With them, you and your toddler can avoid waking up uncomfortably and ensure yourselves the optimal rest you can get.

#6: Music Player

A music player could be an iPod, smartphone, or tablet, as long as it can play music. Having something to listen to can be soothing and entertaining for a toddler. Download all the songs that he or she enjoys, to prevent boredom during the trip.


Medication, wet wipes and sanitizers, blankets, car seats, portable pillows, and a music player are your must-bring accessories when you travel with your child. After you pack these up, add whatever accessories you wish to bring since you will unlikely have anything else to worry about forgetting.