What are the Different Types of Vaporizers

What are the Different Types of Vaporizers?

Now that the marijuana industry is booming wouldn’t be nice to know the different types of vaporizers? For starters, marijuana vaporizers are designed to reduce or eliminate the smoke. And, there are many options to suit different tastes and preference.

Each type is unique in its way, with varying functionalities. The best vaporizers should be portable and easy to use primarily because smoking marijuana has turned out to be a full recreational activity in states such as Alaska, Oregon, Washington D.C, and Colorado. To help you get a vaporizer that is in line with your preference here are the different types of vaporizers.

Desktop Vaporizers

These are big and typically designed for home use. You may also pack them for a camping trip or outdoor party. They rest on a flat surface, and it is important to mention that you will need a constant supply of power to use. They also come in different varieties such as bag and whip vapes.

Advantages of Desktop Vaporizers

  • They make an ideal choice for anyone who is new to vaping
  • The produce substantial amounts of vapor and reach particular heat levels which gives the smoke the best possible taste
  • They are relatively affordable compared to the functionality
  • They can be used by more than one person, making them ideal for large gatherings

Vape Pens

Vape pens are the smallest type of vaporizers, as the name suggests they mimic the shape of a pen and are designed to fit into your pocket or handbag with relative ease. Just like desktop vaporizers, vape pens come in different types including wax-based and oil-based, dry herb and e-liquid vape pens

Advantages of Vape Pens

  • They are small in size which means that you can conceal them in a breeze.
  • They are more hygienic compared to desktop vaporizers
  • Some vape pens work with multiple materials
  • They are easy to clean, and some allow multiple temperature settings
  • With most vape pens, you can use your customized e-liquid juice

Portable Vaporizers

There are relatively large compared to vape pens. Nonetheless, you can still place them in a large pocket because they are nearly as inconspicuous. Besides, you can choose the camouflaged options if you’re not comfortable with people seeing them. Portable vaporizers are ideal for those who have not been doing vaping for long but aren’t necessarily beginners.

Advantages of Portable Vaporizers

  • They give you a wider choice compared to vape pens
  • Many options support multi-functionality and use various concentrates such as dry herb and e-liquid
  • They can last relatively long; they run on powerful batteries that can last up to 5 hours
  • They produce a substantial amount of vapor thereby giving a better experience in comparison to vape pens.

What are the Best Brands?

Vaporizers are available in an assortment of brands. Depending on your budget, you may choose to go with high end or cheap brands. Some brands will have options that you may not find other brands. That said, factors such as preference, price, functionality, and brand loyalty determine the choice of one brand over the other.

Here is a list of the best brands in no particular order:

  • 7th floor
  • Easy Vape
  • Aromed
  • Herbal Aire

Be sure to read customer reviews before buying a vaporizer to see what others have to say about it.

Can I make your cannabis e-juice?

The straight answer to this question is YES; you can make your cannabis e-juice.  Or, you can choose to use a few drops of CBD oil if you don’t want to get high. On that note, visit freeyourspine.info to discover HempWorks CBD oil how you can use it to spruce up the way you smoke.

Buy it Now or Auction

Buy it Now or Auction? Which is Better

According to a study conducted by researchers at Stanford University, the online auction trend has decreased steadily. The researchers say that only 15% of people posting listings on eBay are opting for an auction only sales these days.

Instead, most sellers are choosing to offer items at fixed “buy it now” prices, thereby turning eBay into more of an e-commerce website than an online auction site it was initially meant to be.

What are the Benefits of Using the “Buy it Now” feature instead of Auction?

As a buyer or seller on eBay, there are a couple of reasons using the Buy it Now function would make a lot of sense;

You Can Get Products Fast and With Less Hassle

We are all pressed for time. This is also true when it comes to online buying. At times, there is simply not enough time to watch an auction. It is at such scenario that using the Buy it Now tab makes logic. For instance, if your washing machine broke down, you probably don’t have the time to wait; you want it as soon as possible.

On top of that, you can buy merchandise at an affordable price, and store to sell later. Consider using Radford business storage cubicles if you have limited space. The idea is to ensure that you can buy as many items as you can and cash in later on.

You Will, Sell More Often

This almost goes without saying. If more buyers are willing to use the Buy it Now option as opposed to waiting for an auction, it translates that as a seller you will have more deals coming your way if you are using the feature to sell your merchandise.

Buy it Now (BIN) Gives a True Impression of Your Product

The number of bids your merchandise attracts in a way lets you know how valuable or how “hot” the product is. This might be particularly beneficial to a seller who wants to carve a niche for themselves. In other words, BIN allows you to know which items sell fast thereby placing you in a better position to make more sales.

What are the Downsides of Using the “Buy it Now” feature?

BIN has its downsides as well, for the sellers and buyers alike including;

There’s a Bidding Cap

There is a limit to how high you can bid as a buyer. It means that in a field of many bidders, the likelihood of missing out on a product is always high if another customer beats you to the highest bidding limit.

Items in BIN May Not Feel as Urgent

The fact buyers can bid on products at any given time might work against a seller at times. You may get fewer bids, which often means selling your merchandise at a lower price. In conclusion, while the Buy it Now has its advantages and disadvantages, you should use it when it works for you the most, either as a seller or as a buyer.