Training Older Dogs: What You Need to Know

Older adult pets, especially dogs require a lot of adaptability when it comes to training them. One reason or another might have kept the dog owner from training it, but it is worth trying to make sure it is ready to adapt to new tricks and skills. But there are some things you need to know about older dogs before you decide to break them in.

Go Easy on the Dog

Older dogs might experience problems with their joints. Let us say you are trying to teach the senior dog to jump, but you realize that the dog isn’t doing what you instruct him to do, it might be as a result of the pain and the inability to jump. You might even realize that simple tasks such as lying down and sitting are tough for these old hounds.

When this happens, you need to be patient with the dog. Don’t force it to do what it doesn’t want.

Hearing Might be an Issue

Most of the senior dogs have issues with hearing. You might find yourself shouting hoarse trying to make the dog understand your commands. Therefore, the training techniques ought to take into account this fact. Loss of hearing might be the main reason why the dog seems to be ignoring you.

If you aren’t sure whether the dog has a problem with hearing, you can do a little experiment. Wait till the dog is facing the other way and call out its name. If the dog doesn’t turn, then you are dealing with one that has a hearing problem.

When you realize this, you need to compensate for the loss of hearing with hand signals. Use motions to communicate with the dog, for example, use a flat hand to tell the dog to stay, and a come here motion to call it to you. You can also use hand motions to show gratitude to the dog for doing something right.

Bladder Issues Are Common

Senior dogs have issues with their bladder. This means when you consider potty training for the dog, you ought to make sure you take it out more frequently. Avoid accidents by taking the dog out more often. This will also make it easy for you to potty train your dog.

Short Attention Span

As the dog grows older, it starts getting attention issues. Their attention span starts decreasing gradually. Do you know how people start having child-like tendencies as they grow old? Dogs also suffer from the same problem. They can start behaving like puppies, only that they are big in size. Make sure you take this into account when training the dog.

Use the Right Tools

Whatever the case, you need to use the right tools and accessories when it comes to training these dogs. Go ahead and bookmark this page to understand what accessories you need for training these dogs.

The Bottom-line

Older dogs need training too. Make sure you understand the changes the dogs have gone through so that you make the right decisions when it comes to executing training commands.