5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Bread Machine

After learning how your bread-making machine works, it’s time to start considering baking other things. With your imagination, you’ll find that a bread machine is an extremely versatile kitchen tool.

Over the years, bread machines have been used in making bread sticks, sticky buns, focaccia, pizza dough, coffee cakes, kolache, donuts, baquettes, and so on.

So, let’s begin. Here are some useful hints for using as well as maximizing your bread machine.

 Tip #1

Don’t hesitate to open up your bread maker to examine and even prod the dough while it’s undergoing kneading. This way, you’ll be able to know if you’ve mixed the ingredients well to create good dough.

However, this doesn’t mean you poke the dough while it rises, and you should not open the lid of the bread maker while your dough is in the second rise or baking cycle either. Before that, however, getting to know the dough is the best thing to do.

That’s how you’ll learn ways to create good dough and understand how your bread maker works with it as well.

 Tip #2

When baking using the delayed cook setting on the best bread machine, don’t use fresh ingredients such as milk, cheese, eggs and so on. These fresh ingredients are a perfect environment for bacteria to grow, which means an increased risk of food poisoning for letting the dough stay at that room temperature for a very long time.

 Tip #3

It’s absolutely vital to watch the dough as it rises and bakes. This is to check if it has enough yeast to enable it rise well enough when cooked. Then again, if you put excess yeast, it’ll rise and collapse afterward.

If you don’t watch it carefully, you may find it hard to know whether it rose and fell afterward, or it didn’t rise at all. If so, you won’t know how to solve the problem as you won’t understand just what went wrong.

 Tip #4

With trial and error, doing at least one of these things improves your chances of making a sweet loaf of bread successfully: reducing the quantity of salt used, using the setting with the longest period of rising on your machine; using a little ascorbic acid, removing your dough from the bread maker, and baking and molding it by hand; or doubling the quantity of yeast.

 Tip #5

Try to match your flour with the kind of bread you want. Whole-grain flour produces heavy, dense, more substantial bread. All-purpose protein-rich bread produces high-rising bread. Combining the two kinds will produce something in between.

Best Technology Devices for Home Entertainment Use

The way each one of you entertains yourself, and your family, in your household will differ. However, it is safe to assume that most of you will do so with some sort of technology device. With how the world has shifted its focus, technology has moved to the forefront of everyone’s mind. There are so many different types of entertainment at your disposal, but the forms that center on technology always seem to take precedence over anything else. So, with that thought in mind, why not construct a list documenting the best ones available? If you have any, or all, of the following devices present in your home you should be able to entertain yourself (and your guests and family) with ease.


Ironically, this list kicks off with an entry that qualifies under the moniker software, and not a device. That slight technicality aside, Netflix is the ultimate form of home entertainment. Instead of having to track down each individual TV show and movie yourself, Netflix compiles a plethora of them that range from everything imaginable. The library of movies and shows is so immense that you will never be able to watch everything at its disposal. In fact, you will never even get close. Better yet, it can be streamed from multiple devices (some that will make their way on this list) such as computers, tablets, and video game consoles. About the only downside is you do not get to keep the physical copies of what you watch, but that is purely subjective.


Video game enthusiasts will probably question why the Wii got chosen over other consoles; such as the PS4, Xbox One, or Switch. Yes, the Wii is not Nintendo’s next-gen console. As a matter of fact, Nintendo just recently released their second home console since the Wii. So, why is it that the Wii is on this list? Simply put, it will accommodate more people with its focus on motion controls and party-style games. Now, there are still classics to be found (such as Super Mario Galaxy) but at its core, it is a party console. Hardcore non-Nintendo gamers will probably pass on this one, but it is great for families. Plus, it can stream Netflix!

Bluetooth Speakers

What you are physically doing in your home, for entertainment, is very important. That does not mean, however, that it is the only aspect you need to worry about. Take, for example, the audio that is being emitted from whatever device you are using. To complete the experience, you are surely goingto want elite speakers for the ultimate sound. For those of you who agree with this, consider Bluetooth speakers. Not only will they provide a breathtaking sound, with all the bass you can handle, they are also extremely convenient. The Bluetooth technology enables them to be used without cables, so you never need to be concerned about cable management. If this sounds like a match for you, then you can get more information here.


This really goes together with the concept for speakers. Watching Netflix and playing video games is great and all, but the experience can be altered with a television that is less than stellar. Only you will know what television will suit your needs when it comes to dimensions, but there are some that are better than others. Take for example the versions that have OLED and LED screens, 1080p native resolution, and ridiculously high frame rates. Then, there is the size you will want to get. This is the core aspect that you will vary from house to house. It is unnecessary to fill a small room with a larger than life television, and vice versa.


All the above entries play off one another, but what if you are just looking for a cheap form of entertainment? Not necessarily cheap in price, as laptops can be expensive, but in nature. Laptops can give you a quick fix on your entertainment needs, whether by music, online surfing, social media, or games. Now, they are diverse enough to play off the previous devices listed, as well. For example, you can connect your Bluetooth speakers (if the laptop has the technology built-in) or stream Netflix straight from your laptop. In addition, you can easily take this anywhere you want to go for constant entertainment.

In a world that is driven by technology, it is almost impossible to enjoy yourself at home without the use of it. Other activities will suffice for a short period of time but, eventually, you will need to get your technology fix. If you include all the devices and software in your home collection that were documented above, you should be able to keep your family (and self) preoccupied for a while. Plus, you can entertain yourself for hours on end.