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February 2009

Illegal Aliens Get Taxpayer Subsidized Housing

hanks to policies fashioned by U.S. political elites, American taxpayers are shelling out cash to pay for housing for illegal aliens. It is such a sought-after benefit that thousands of other illegals are lining up to take advantage of it.

Under federal housing laws written by a pro-immigration Congress, illegal aliens can live in federally-subsidized public housing as long as at least one family member is in the U.S. legally.

The issue made headlines in November when authorities discovered that an illegal alien relative of America's new president was living in taxapyer-subsidized housing in Boston. Zeituni Onyango, who President Barack Obama calls "Auntie Zeitnui" in his book, Dreams From My Father, was denied asylum after coming to the U.S. from Kenya. But federal authorities, as is their custom, declined to deport her.

No one knows how many illegals enjoy living at taxpayer expense throughout the entire U.S. Estimates of the total illegal population run from 12 million to as many as 20 million.

KPHO-TV News in Arizona last month examined the case of the Salazar family in Phoenix. All 10 members of the family have lived in a four-bedroom public housing apartment for the last six years, even though both parents are illegal immigrants from Mexico and have no right to be in the U.S.

They pay only $150 a month for rent, while American taxpayers pick up the rest of the monthly tab.

"They were not going to give it to my mom because she wasn't born here, but then they said, 'yeah, since you have a U.S. born person,' she was able to get it," said the Salazar's 14 year-old daughter, Miriam.

The Salazars are typical of the illegal aliens living in taxpayer-provided homes. They are illegal parents who have had children born in the U.S.

The federal Department of Housing and Urban Development says that in Arizona alone, there are 16,000 families on waiting lists for subsidized housing. HUD claims that about 10 percent of existing public housing units in Arizona are occupied by illegal aliens.

HUD has no verified information on how many illegals live at taxpayer expense because many state public housing programs welcome illegals. In Massachusetts, where President Obama's illegal aunt lived, officials do not ask applicants about their immigration status.

As American workers lose their jobs in a failing economy, the number of citizens seeking housing assistance is likely to increase, putting them in competition with illegal aliens. New York has about 260,000 people waiting for housing aid. Chicago reports a waiting list of 250,000.

Obama's illegal Aunt Onyango got her Boston apartment where 20,000 people on a waiting list.

While illegal aliens are thrilled to have their housing paid for by Americans, some citizens are not so happy.

"It's deplorable, just deplorable," said Michelle Dallacroce, an immigration reform activist. "There are waiting lists right now with American families trying to get into public housing and they are being turned away because illegal aliens are living in public housing. Where is our government? Where are they?"

The government, of course, is the institution that designed the policy. It operates exactly as intended by Congress.

KPHO-TV reported that no one from any government agency was willing to be interviewed on camera to discuss the taxpayer subsidies to illegal aliens. The federal Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration services, which helps aliens come into the U.S., said it was not its job to be critical of other federal agencies.